Next Steps

Over the last two years, we have formalized our strategy and approach to sustainability by the development of a robust framework to guide us on our journey. We will continue to grow the company and seek opportunities to improve our performance and reduce the impact of operations on the environment. Our people are key to the company’s sustainability journey; therefore, we will ensure appropriate access to training and development which meets company objectives and provide an inclusive and equitable workplace focused on employee well-being.

The next steps in this journey for 2023: 

  • Set GHG reduction targets based on 2021-22 data
  • Construction of new facility in Trend Slovakia – A rated building design 
  • Tree planting program for Trend Slovakia new facility
  • Move from LPG to Natural gas in Trend Malaysia
  • Installation of Solar Panels in Trend Singapore
  • Launch Earl Edward Payton Scholarship
  • Accelerate supplier code of conduct deployment 
  • Increase measures to secure the integrity of the IT infrastructure and networks
  • Develop ISO 45001 framework for certification of selected plants in 2024


Ensuring a Future for Our Company, Our Team and Our Next Generation


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