Highlights for 2022


The first pillar of the ESG framework is environmental. As a contract manufacturer, Trend Technologies is a pivotal link in the overall global supply chain. While we do not have design responsibility for the finished products, we play a key role in ensuring that materials and resources used in our operations, are optimized to reduce waste and maximize efficiency.

We ensure that all waste is segregated and managed thus supporting the circular economy principle. Approximately 80% of all non-hazardous waste is sent for recycling and subsequent reuse.

  • All ten plants certified to ISO 14001
  • Development of the framework for capturing and calculating Scope 1 & Scope 2 Emissions
  • Scope 1 emissions: 5% reduction compared to 2021
  • Scope 2 emissions: 2.3% reduction compared to 2021
  • 35% of all energy derived from renewable sources
  • Solar panels installed in one facility
  • Non hazardous waste recovery increased by 23% compared to 2021
  • Membership of Operation Clean Sweep (Plastics facility)
  • Tree planting program Trend India
  • Pollinator project Trend Ireland
  • Switch from LPG to Natural Gas in Trend Mexico


Our people are central to the success and sustainability of our company. We provide training and development opportunities at all levels within our operations, which contributes to the strong tenure of our workforce. All legislation is complied with in our ten global facilities. Internal codes of conduct based on the RBA (Responsible Business Alliance) have been developed to provide guidance on engagement with our employees, customers, suppliers and stakeholders.

  • RBA Corporate assessment 85.1% (Low Risk)
  • Low employee turnover – 1.5%
  • 85% Employees covered by healthcare
  • Zero breaches of HR legislation
  • 80 Internal promotional opportunities
  • 943 employees partook in structured training programs
  • 68 Community engagements


Trend Technologies upholds high standards of ethics and integrity in the conduct of our business. We ensure that robust governance practices are applied, and all local and national laws are complied with, throughout our global operations.

  • Corporate codes of conduct revised with commitment to sustainability
  • Supplier code of conduct: 96% acceptance
  • All material procured from ethical sources
  • Financial risk assessment - A rating (Very low risk)
  • All plants tax compliant
  • All plants audit compliant
  • IT security monitoring (Cyber threat measures)


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