Executive Summary

At Trend Technologies, we recognize the impact of climate change on the planet and believe that the collective action of industry, governments and individuals is essential to reverse this global emergency. Trend understands that, we too, must play our part in this global common effort. In the last two years we have embarked on a process of formalizing our approach to sustainability. This is the first company sustainability report, setting out the strategy, focus areas and key critical metrics. The baseline year used for this report is 2021.

Having conducted this initial assessment, we have developed an understanding of the environmental impact of our operations, as well as gaining insight into our performance in the areas of human rights, health and safety and corporate governance. This baseline assessment will be used to develop goals and targets to direct our global facilities, in seeking opportunities to reduce emissions, environmental impact and improving the well-being of our valued employees.

The first essential step in this journey was the establishment of the ESG steering team, sponsored by Brian Dickstein, President and CEO of Trend Technologies, and headed by Marie O’Toole, Director of Corporate Quality. During 2022 the company recruited an ESG Compliance Officer, Jurga Palubinske, to work with each of the ten facilities on the initial assessment and development tasks.

Two members of the steering team were trained as Sustainability champions and subsequently all site level senior management teams were introduced to the sustainability program and buy in was secured at all levels.

All top-level corporate policies have been updated to document our commitment to sustainability and a separate supplier code of conduct was developed, to cascade our sustainability expectations throughout the supply chain.

With the understanding that aspirations must be followed up with actions to be effective, targeted programs have been developed in each of the three ESG pillars, to deliver the required impact and make change a reality.

Trend is now firmly committed to the sustainability journey and we believe that this strategy will deliver a stronger, more forward-looking company ready to meet the challenges of the future.

April 2023